Living well in the USA

Joy is the basis for our very best creativity. My wish is for your joy to be nurtured in a wonderful environment and for your joy to blossom into many many sweet experiences. Not only will you benefit, but the ripple effects can be endless and infinite.

Be intentional about your JOY. Repeat. Watch what happens.



4 thoughts on “Living well in the USA

  1. “Joy without freedom is limited and freedom without joy is pointless.” AMEN! I so appreciated, too, the closing remark: “Your joy matters… It matters to you first, and then (through) the Ripple Effect, to others.” If we are each a wave on the ocean of Life, expanding our personal awareness of joy INCREASES (through the Ripple Effect) the radiating of joy throughout the ocean, which ultimately means everywhere. How powerful we each are! How helpful-to-healing we each can be! Thanks, Debbie, for bringing greater depth & breadth to the Joy-based Living community! 🙂

  2. What a beautiful message! I feel the ripples and I know that without our work together at Joy-Based-Living I might still be searching for a community of people who want joy in their lives. Two years ago when we sat together at Yellow Deli writing the Beginner’s Guide (now in a metamorphosis) I was more than hopeful that a larger community of like-minded people would join us. I am ecstatic and grateful for all the people who are now part of this community and who are actually working the Practices in their lives. As they do, I feel it. We are all connected. I see their choices to feel and practice joyful living make the world better for me and others. Rather than spread anger, divisiveness and fear, we make the conscious choice to spread joy. That is way awesome! Thank you Debbie for your friendship and all the work you do as a healing force in this world. Blessings.

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