All the time in the world: a perspective of generosity

deJoly asked me to make this “JBL building block” for her, and when it was complete I realized that a lot of people would probably enjoy the reminder.

It’s an outlook, a perspective, that allows us to have a larger spirit “generosity” and spaciousness and abundance. These qualities can exist in any given moment when we don’t feel rushed.

It’s not a suggestion to sit on the couch and drink beer all day. You can go really fast, in high-level activity, and bask in the feeling: “All the time in the world.”

It’s my wish for deJoly and everyone in the world.

Update: someone asked me what AHO means. Here’s what google says:

Aho: A Native American word. In Lakota it means “hello” in Kiowa it means “thank you,” and in Cherokee it is used at the end of a prayer similar to the use of “amen,” often accompanied by “Mitakuye Oyasin” (which means All My Relations).

One thought on “All the time in the world: a perspective of generosity

  1. Very Sweet! And Very True! (We all DO have “all the time in the world”… whether we choose to live in that awareness or not). 🙂
    And Happy Birthday, deJoly!!

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