Number 1 Negotiation Skill (Bonus – Prayerful vs Willful) (Chris Voss)

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This message is one of the most personal and powerful ones I have ever talked about. To me, it’s worth taking to heart. I encourage you to make it come alive for YOU. Make it real in YOUR life. You are so flippin’ worth it.

Every day, we negotiate. With our families, colleagues and our friends. Where to go, what movie to watch, what to eat for dinner. In college, I volunteered on a suicide hotline. Then I worked with pregnant teenagers in the projects. I’ve been coaching people for 20 years. Negotiation skills are important AND must be balanced with empathy and love.

I find that the two most important negotiations in a person’s life are:

  • committing to what brings you JOY
  • rejecting rejection

If you can negotiate these, you will stand strong. I am standing with you, believing in your biggest and best possibilities.

Much love,

Happy D!

JBL Mission

At Joy-Based Living, we are helping people become better leaders. JBL is a community where business meets spirituality. Spirituality says, “There is love in everything and in everyone, there is beauty everywhere.” A spiritual business says, “I see needs on the planet, I see problems to be solved so that more love and beauty can be revealed. I’m going to provide products or services that will be part of the solution.” Joy-based living is love in action. This is the heart of great leadership.

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One thought on “Number 1 Negotiation Skill (Bonus – Prayerful vs Willful) (Chris Voss)

  1. SUPERB & SIMPLE!! “Committing to what brings you joy” and “rejecting rejection”… YES!!! ‘Dat be ‘da good s**t! 🙂

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