Rat-Proof Your Life (Coming Out of Hiding – Notes on a Wood Board)

coming out of hiding notes on a wood board - conversation with friend
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I write. A lot. I started journaling when I was 15 and never stopped. One of my greatest fears (which showed up in a dream just prior to a 10-day silent meditation retreat) is NOT being able to write. In the dream, I wrote with pencil on the bottom of my foot. (No, it didn’t hurt, it was just a dream. :-))

A quirk of mine that my friends and clients love is my habit of filling unlined index cards with insights, notes (and assignments if it’s a client) which I write during the conversation. If we are in person, they will actually GRAB the cards when I’m done writing them. It’s quite fun! Our 2019 mascot is the grasshopper, so I stamp that on every card. Then I photograph the cards and send them over via text or email so we can stay on the same page about their assignments in between coaching sessions. This eliminates the fuss of “where were we?” And also helps keep them focused amidst distractions.

A few of them have suggested that I share the cards publicly, but I’ve never felt quite easy about doing that. Because I’m not sure if you – the reader – who wasn’t involved in the conversation – would be interested. I wonder if the notes would have meaning or value for you?

So today I took these notes during a very lively phone conversation with a dear friend. (Using Japanese acrylic paint markers on a birchwood board.) After I texted her the photo, she suggested I share it, so here we are. I wonder… do you like it? Love it? Would you like me to share more like this? Let me know!


Happy D!

One thought on “Rat-Proof Your Life (Coming Out of Hiding – Notes on a Wood Board)

  1. Loved the Zen-like vibe of your “Note Board,” Debbie… bringing our awareness around to see “that which was hidden” and showing us how a greater good and much more joy is available to us all, as we shift our perception, make healthier choices and honor ourselves in action. YAY! 🙂

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