Giving someone too many chances – Healing cptsr cptsd codependency

I recorded this on a gorgeous drive and forgot to mention in the video that the complete list of shared agreements is available in the 12 Practices e-book!

For a free download of the emotional chart, visit and search “emotional rainbow”

For more info about CPTSR/ CPTSD/ codependency/ co-narcissism, just enter any of those terms in the search bar (in the website footer) at

Debbie Happy Cohen is a master coach with a graduate degree in counseling. She’s the founder of Joy-Based Living, an online global conversation where people develop the skills to create (internal and external) environments so that JOY can thrive in their lives.

Many people who are committed to having joy in their lives are people who have known its exact opposite. Therefore, we explore many aspects of joy, including its shadows. Awareness, acceptance and action are keys to opening the doors to greater joy; and courage is strengthened when people experience connection.

The Joy-Based Living E-book offers 12 foundational practices to help you get in touch with your feelings, make a deeper commitment to yourself, and step up into becoming who you really are. It’s a great supplement any holistic practice, including therapy and coaching.

5 thoughts on “Giving someone too many chances – Healing cptsr cptsd codependency

  1. I love that you use CPTSR in this discussion. I have begun using it as well as MPD/MPR and DID/DIR… when we have a normal response to trauma, small or extreme, we shouldn’t stigmatize that response by calling it a disorder. It is simple the best response we could have made at the time.

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  2. Good & vital stuff shared here–thank you, Debbie–“not settling for less” in both self-care/self-love & all my friendships is way more important & significant to my well-being & wholistic health than whether or not I’m wearing lipstick or pants when I walk out the door! 🙂

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