3 thoughts on “9-9-19 Day 1 #createyourSANCTUARY

  1. “Create Your Sanctuary” sounds like something God whispers to us just before we incarnate into this world… I’m so grateful for my copy of your inspiring, encouraging, insightful book, “Sanctuary”… and I appreciate, once again, your commitment to bringing greater amplification of the book’s essential message through artwork, and rallying others to do the same! Thank you, Debbie, for what you’re bringing forward with this book and your artwork. May countless readers & viewers find these shimmering lights help them dispel whatever darkness is present in their awareness. šŸ™‚

    1. Thank you so much Will for continuing to be so committed to your inner path of awakening. Thank you for supporting me in mine. Your messages always help amplify my voice and Iā€™m so grateful to you!

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