The Pricelessness of Believing

Eric Weinstein quote on the Jolly Swagman podcast at youtube
Eric Weinstein on the Jolly Swagman podcast at youtube

I mentioned this topic in a recent post so I’ll keep this short, but I am completely enamored 🥰 with the embodied feeling of BELIEVING.

Believing makes you magical. And real. And radiant. And needed. And rare.

Believing in our planet.

Believing in our collective future.

Believing in ourselves.

Believing in each other.

When you see people receiving awards, the BIGGEST THANKS goes to the people who BELIEVED in them.

I’m working on a post about what it means to be a Minister of SASSYNESS. At the heart of it: it’s “simply” one person BELIEVING in another. I think we can all be such ministers. I think it’s a choice.

Envisioning the best in others. Imagining them happy and well, regardless of outer circumstances or conditions. BEING present to them but simultaneously seeing beyond their current reality into their possibility. BELIEVING IT.

Every one of us has this capacity. I think it’s time we exercise it, stretch it, strengthen it, condition it. Tend to it. Minister to it.


Because it feels good.

Because we did this as children so we already know how.

Because it works. It breathes life into all kinds of possibilities.

Because it’s fun!

Because it’s not a commodity you can BUY it. It’s a GIFT. A priceless treasure.

Because there is MAGIC in believing.

Because WE are so damn worth it!

If you resonate with this… well, WE NEED YOU. Our world needs you.

If you resonate with this… YOU ARE NOT ALONE. This is what we practice at JBL.

You’re invited to join in! Find out more at Patreon !

“There is a bridge between you and anything. It is love.” – Hafiz

Much love,

Debbie Happy Cohen

Aka Reverend SASSY SHORTS!

I want you to LOVE negotiating for JOY! | Author | Coach at Joy-Based Living

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One thought on “The Pricelessness of Believing

  1. Inspiring up the bippy!!! Thanks for the mid-day boost, Debbie!!! 😉
    P.S.: Lyrics about “believing” from an 80’s band I dug, Tears for Fears:
    “I believe that if you thought for a moment, took your time,
    You would not resign yourself to your fate…”

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