Gorgeous coaching conversation – awakening the LIONESS

I never ever know what’s going to transpire during a coaching call. Each one is guided by the trajectory of the person I’m talking to, my current levels of awareness, and their current needs, wants or goals.

One woman, an artist I’ve known for years, has embraced her career with a love and passion for helping others awaken their creativity.

But what’s been lurking in the depths of her psyche is a lioness – an artist- that is ready to blow people away at a whole new level of WOW!

So we activated one of her favorite, strength producing, energizing alter-egos. But this time, rather than just touching into the imagery or the feeling of LIONESS, she is OWNING the energy. She is WEARING it like a cape. She is EMBODYING it.

In the next blog post, I’ll share the embodiment meditation that kicked off her coaching session… we were both blown away by it.

When I asked her for permission to share her story publicly, here’s our conversation:

I love my work.

I love the people who surround me every day.

I love my clients who have become dear friends. And the other way around, too: dear friends who have become clients.

All of us at JBL wish you a most uplifting and amazing day… or night… wherever you are in the world.

Searching for a closing quote, I found this.

Much love,

Debbie Happy Cohen, founder of JBL

aka. Reverend SASSY SHORTS! Happy D!

At JOY-BASED LIVING, we revel in the taboo topics of highly personalized spirituality, deeply painful emotional trauma, and the edgy accountability required for your bringing out YOUR personal best. HELL YEAH!

3 thoughts on “Gorgeous coaching conversation – awakening the LIONESS

  1. Magnificently empowering & inspiring post, Debbie… esp. the Somto quote at the end AND the phrase: “…from puzzled to majestic.” 😉
    Muchas Gracias!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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