Why I’ve been cussing on my podcast more lately

You know, ever since completing the SANCTUARY ebook, I’ve been less tolerant of living in a free world and not being fully authentic.

I guess I just don’t care anymore.

But not in an apathetic or cold way. More in a comfortable with being who I am way.

I think that book helped me get clear with me about what’s most important to me. I even rant in there about how humiliating someone WITH A GLANCE can do a lot more damage to them than a fucking f-bomb.

But, as a culture, we shame ourselves and each other all day long about all sorts of stupid shit AND WE CALL IT FUCKING NORMAL.

It’s not about the words. It’s about the intent.

It certainly doesn’t help that Ive been listening to Gary V lately, and he cusses like a sailor and it’s contagious to those of us who are like mouthed sailors.

It also doesn’t help that the fucking topics of fucking narcissistic abuse and CPTSD are fucking HARD and the load is heavy enough without trying to hold back an fbomb or 2 or 3

Ok, or 4!

I also feel a HUMONGOUS sense of relief when someone who’s going through a tough time – and is normally “proper” starts dropping fbombs in her updates to me. FUCK YEAH! I can hear the steam whistling as it exits the pressure cooker.

Well that’s about all for now.

Self acceptance rocks my world.

Hope you’re having an awesome day wherever you are in the world!

I think I might have just channeled a little bit of fucking George Carlin – he’s like, I might be on the other side but I’m not fucking dead yet!

Oh and the name of my podcast is the Sassy Southern Yankee. What the fuck did you expect?

Debbie Happy Cohen, author and coach, is the founder of Joy-Based Living
I want you to LOVE negotiating for JOY!

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