The Power of Play with Debbie Happy Cohen & April Wyett

My beautiful friend April Wyett is the founder of Living With Intention. After seeing my background on Zoom, she wanted to interview me for her podcast series called Power of Play. Here’s what she wrote, and also the podcast link.

🤔I want you to think about the last time where you were carefree and really having a great time and not thinking about ALL the “things”.

Who were you with, what were you experiencing in that moment?

Because Play is a natural, spontaneous, and is a form of creative expression, which is a connection is to your abundance, which allows you to be ALIVE in the moment ~ remembering your essence.

Embracing the moment and letting go of expectations or judgements of yourself and go with the flow.

This can be challenging because of the conditioning about “no time to play,” and feeling the urgency to get back to work. Within this mindset, play is seen as foolish, not useful, and holds no value, when the very opposite is true.

So, what if you made play to be a priority for yourself?

How different do you think your life would be?

My next guest on The Power of Play is a vibrant soul, Debbie Happy Cohen and has placed her Attention on her Intention to live a joyful, and happy life and is here to bring a fresh approach to the Power of Play.

After leaving the corporate world, Debbie created her own community called Joy Based Living. She has devoted her time and energy to create more meaning in life by shifting from transactional relationships to relational ones, where people feel heard and valued.

Take some time to tune in and listen as Debbie shares her insights and steps to bring “play” back into your life by connecting to your authentic self and build sanctuary through a strong community ~ working from the inside out~

Come play with us on You Tube and watch Debbie as she offers new ways bring a playful presence into your life & don’t miss seeing a special guest, Johnathan!😀

HIT Subscribe, and leave a comment on what you found inspiring or share how you are utilizing the power of play in your life!

No time to watch? You can always listen on my podcast to this episode and others:

Hope you enjoyed it!

Now go play!

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5 thoughts on “The Power of Play with Debbie Happy Cohen & April Wyett

  1. I enjoyed this podcast & received a # of valuable takeaways from it, Debbie… One of my faves? “Authentic expression is the only way to create true, meaningful connection.”
    Rock. On. Rev’.

  2. I don’t know about “outlandish”… It seemed like you “came out of the gates” like a racehorse, but settled into a good groove… at least from my perspective. And you conveyed (I think quite well) your “reasoning” for wearing your colorful cape, collar & crown… the point of which was rather inspiring & empowering to me! Just sayin’. 😉

    1. Lolol!!! Thank you! That’s exactly how it felt. In fact, April gave me the option for a redo after I told her I was uncertain. But she liked it and we had fun. And I decided it wasn’t gunna get any more authentic than what we did!!!

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