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For the last couple of years, I have recommended Dr. Mario Martinez’s ideas and practices to just about everyone I know. From the very first time I heard him speak about woundings and healing fields (in an audio interview), I knew he would be an awesome teacher for me. He offers clear answers to some of my most long-standing questions. For example, what precisely is forgiveness, what are the exact steps to forgive someone, and  how do I free myself through the process of forgiveness? Answer: Forgiveness is simply the process of taking your power back, which you have given away (consciously or unconsciously). To learn to do it, check out his work (below).

I have found great joy and power in the processes that Dr. Mario offers in his MindBody Code book and audios. The many positive changes that have taken place, in my life and in the lives of those who have studied MindBody Code along with me, are nothing short of AWESOME.

Stay with me here, for a brief summary of Dr. Mario’s work. Or if you just want the sequence, scroll down to the “Sequence for Studying” part.

Dr. Mario’s body of work, in a nutshell, bridges 3 important fields of study which haven’t been “talking to” each other: Psychology, Neuroscience, and Medical Anthropology.

He has culminated these fields into one theory: Biocognition. In biocognitive theory, Dr. Mario proposes that cognition and biology coemerge within a cultural history to find maximum contextual relevance.  In other words, your body (as a mind) responds to thoughts, feelings, words and actions… which come from you and from your culture. Why is that important? Your health and well-being are impacted daily by those messages.

Dr. Mario invites us to step away from “individualistic” and even systemic psychology and move toward a new psychology that fully acknowledges the power that CULTURE directly has on our bodies, minds, decisions and outcomes. Not just family. Not just authority figures or siblings. But “culture” as a whole.

All this being said, due to the new vocabulary and paradigm shifts he has needed to create, quite a few of friends and clients had a difficult time understanding his work, and have asked me for assistance. They reported that this sequence helped them.

“Sequence for Studying” Dr. Mario’s work:

weekly-wisdom-banner1. Listen to his free interviews with Tami Simon at Sounds True. He has a few full interviews which are all awesome. Here’s one: https://youtu.be/hmIjaqjP5s0

MindBody Code Audios MBC Audio Set

2. LISTEN to the 6-cd (or mp3) set of AUDIOS titled MindBody Code (MBC)  http://www.soundstrue.com/store/the-mind-body-code-191.html
The audio set is almost completely different from the book. Even though they are BOTH called MindBody Code. WITH THE AUDIOS, YOU GET TO APPLY AND EXPERIENCE THE TEACHINGS.

In the 6 audios, which are worthy of listening to repeatedly, Dr. Mario takes the “basics” of biocognition (his theory) and really gets you to EMBODY THEM.
In my opinion, the practices on the CD’s set the stage for the extensive and more advanced practices in the book.

MindBody Code Book MBC Book

3. Read the book, also titled MindBody Code. It’s more challenging to digest than the interviews and audio set. I suggest: if you resonate with the interviews and the audios, then read the book. For two reasons:
a) The MBC book is way more intellectual, thorough and in depth
b) All of the practices emphasize EMBODYING the experience, and many people find this much easier to do with the audios than with the book.


SOOOO … If you really want to jump into the book first, then go for it!!! AND if you find it challenging to EMBODY the practices, you can always listen to the audios and then come back to the book later.

The MindBody Code in a nutshell:

The Three Principles of Freedom from Self-Entrapment
1. Cultures are powerful contributing architects to your reality, but you are the coauthor of their influence.
2. Negative coauthorship ends when your new actions no longer engage the toxic dance.
3. Embrace your excellence in defiance of the cultural editors who coerced you to believe that you are your mistakes.
– Mario Martinez

In summary:  Trying to learn the MindBody Code from an intellectual perspective is like trying to practice yoga only in your head. This is why I definitely recommend the interviews first (many of them feel like a meditation); then the 6 audios; and finally… if you’re still resonating with the material… read the book.

Comment below if you found this article helpful, or if you have any questions or suggestions of your own!

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