Template Invitations for Joy-Based Living Community Events

If a group comes together and would like me to present a 2-hour workshop on Joy-Based Living: Vulture Culture, I will.

A workshop description is provided in the first invitation template.

These two templates (scroll down) can be shared as an email or a fb post to invite others. You can copy the one you want, and personalize it to share with your community.

These workshops are usually live. However, I’m open to the idea of leading a workshop on Skype for a group that is together in the same room. (I have not done this before, so it would be a stretch for me. I’m willing to try it once or twice and see how it goes.)

If there’s something I can do to improve this invitation process to make it easier for you to be successful, please let me know in the comment section below.

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Invitation for “Joy-Based Living: Vulture Culture” 2-hour workshop

Dear _____________________,

I’m writing to let you know about a 2-hour workshop Debbie Happy Cohen would be glad to put on for any group of 6 or more people, called: “Joy-Based Living – Vulture Culture: A Spring Cleaning of the Debris & Clutter to Set Free Your Life & Mind.”

If you are interested in any of the following, this workshop could very well be for you:

  • Getting more joyful juice out of life
  • Transforming the “stories” you tell yourself or that seem to subconsciously run you
  • Clearing out the clutter of your mind or your house
  • Finding greater freedom from the strategizing & runaround you do to “deal with” the excess baggage (both physical & mental/emotional) in your life

In Debbie’s workshop, she’ll be identifying some of the obstacles to having a less cluttered, more joyful life… and presenting some powerful strategies and practices to help with clearing out those very obstacles.

If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll start a list of people who are interested. Once there are 6 people committed, I’ll contact Debbie to find out when she can schedule us in her calendar.

I look forward to hearing from you,



Invitation for Joy-Based Living: Vulture Culture FOLLOW UP conversation, a week after the 2-hour workshop

Spirit Expression this Sunday March 20th at 11AM CT

Topic: How do we apply the Healing Fields of Loyalty, Commitment and Honor in our day to day lives?

Many of us attended Debbie Happy Cohen‘s talk on Joy Based Living: Vulture Culture last Thursday night at Kamama. It was a great talk and has open a lively discussion within our community. I have asked Debbie to be a guest facilitator this Sunday and to lead us into a deeper discussion of how to clean up and clear out the things that are clogging us up and holding us back from leading full on Joy filled lives.

A piece of this work is based on Dr. Mario Martinez’s work in which he has identified three main wounds that are found in every culture. These are the wounds of betrayal, shame and abandonment. Each one of these wounds have a counteracting healing field that can be invoked when one encounters the wounds.

  • Shame – Honor
  • Abandonment – Commitment
  • Betrayal – Loyalty

Here is a video where Dr. Martinez is speaking about these issues.


So this is about you, and also all of our relationships with each other. Debbie challenged us to have “community” be one of the areas of our lives that we clean and clear up; removing and transforming the ‘debris.” Bring your real life questions about how to make this work in your own life. How can you respond to someone shaming you with honor and loving kindness for yourself and the other. What do the Healing Fields sound like? What are the actions that we take when we act from these fields? What other qualities and actions come out of these three main healing fields?

This is not a workshop, but still in the format of sharing our wisdom with each other. Debbie will facilitating the discussion and sharing her awesome coaching skills. The Love Offering will go directly to Debbie in gratitude. For more info about Debbie, Joy based living and some more resources on these topics go to:


There will be NO POTLUCK. I will let you know in another post where we will be meeting on the property as we get closer to the time. Weather permitting we might be outside on the stage.

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