Pioneers in Flight

This is who we are at Joy-Based Living… we are pioneers in flight.

Pioneers in Flight April 2016
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We are leaving behind the old ways of being, and heralding a new and more conscious way of living and relating.

True abundance (health, wealth and love, lived in JOY) is NEW to humanity. That’s good news, right? Well, maybe…

Unfamiliarity creates fear*, and this applies even when it comes to good things like abundance, success and joy.

For example, when flight first became available to the public, for many years it was essential to have barf bags available in the little pouch in front of every passenger. Through “consensual validation”, we have since realized we are safe.  Today, barf bags are rarely needed.

When it comes to joy, we can generate feelings of safety and well-being as we take flight and fly higher. By flying together, we can use consensual validation to generate positive feelings more quickly. Without the support of a group, it can be easy to sabotage new (and unfamiliar) successes and joys.

One of our main goals at JBL is to offer you a variety of excellent options to join our conversation and become familiar with new levels of joy and abundance, with the support of a group.

Today, with the internet and technology giving us freedom and power to connect with other like-minded individuals, we are able to join one another… and be pioneers in flight, soaring together!

Let’s reconsider our ideas about about worthiness, joy, fear and validation…. and what it means to be a pioneer in flight.

To join our conversation, check out the Joy-Based Living Beginner’s Guide, which is interactive, multimedia and conversational! (successfully funded at Kickstarter!)


We are here to soar with you!

Debbie Happy Cohen

* from Dr. Mario Martinez’s program: The Mind Body Code

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