Your Radiance: Introduction to the Joy-Based Living Beginner’s Guide


Introduction to the Joy-Based Living Beginner’s Guide¬†(unedited)

we are containers of radiance.

most of us don’t know it.

but there’s enough meditation and quiet and desire for peace happening in the world that a crack has been created … for the radiance to shine through … more brightly than ever before.

I don’t think we quite know how to dance with it yet.

our radiance is peeping out more and more.

some of us try to scurry it back into the closet.

others try to pretend it never even happened.

a bunch of us let it inspire us, move us creatively.

the radiance is beautiful.

it truly is.

but honestly.

we’re not used to the exalted feelings that come with it . . .

people honoring us, praising us, complimenting us, rewarding us.

for being Who We Are.

sometimes we literally don’t hear it.

other times we outright deny it “who me?”

it might be so uncomfortable, in such contradiction to what we believe about ourselves, that we might even sabotage it.

in a good moment we accept it.

in a great moment, we take in the praise, embody the honor, and give a wholehearted Thank You.

We own our greatness in those moments. We own our excellence.

I dedicate this Joy-Based Living Beginner’s Guide to all of us who have the courage to walk this path.

I dedicate it to our individual and collective radiance.

To encourage us to let it shine bright.

And thereby, through our examples, give others permission to do the same.

Big Love,

Debbie Happy Cohen, M.A.
author / artist / teacher / coach


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