Joy, Loneliness, Authenticity and Gratitude – Happy Thanksgiving Message :-)

“All the lonely people… where do they all come from?”

These words are singing in my head as today’s topic is moving its way through me… it’s a mixed bag of feelings. And that’s okay. In fact, in all of its mess and everything, I welcome the bag and allow it to move through. 

Why? Because it’s just what’s so.

As my heart reaches out across the universe to connect with like-minded others, I do my best to reach inside and be real with what I’m experiencing, because if someone else can relate, if they can feel seen… there will be a little less loneliness.

One of the things I’m also developing is my willingness to let myself be seen. Thank you for being with me on this journey… authentically, with joy, with loneliness and with the whole mixed bag… I’m grateful for all of it.

Happy Thanksgiving!



8 thoughts on “Joy, Loneliness, Authenticity and Gratitude – Happy Thanksgiving Message :-)

  1. Q.: How can 5 minutes of video bring forward richness, tenderness, insight & an invitation to simply be authentically present?
    A.: Have Debbie Happy Cohen onboard, her hand on the rudder.

    You & what you share with this world R.O.C.K.
    Thank You Mucho-Mucho! 😉

    With love,

  2. Debbie, you touch the heart of many of the feelings that get mixed up in us, which we are often conditioned not to talk about. It can be a cultural silence, or a personal betrayal that keeps us from speaking about the loneliness, which occasionally leads to suicides at this time of year. I want to honor you for speaking up and showing the world that it’s ok to have this mixed bag of feelings, and it’s ok to feel them without them driving our lives. There are ways out of these feelings, and sometimes it’s directly through them that we heal the deepest wounds that make us lonely and isolated.

    Thank you for your authentic presence in this video. Love what you have to say!

    Love YOU!

  3. OMG! Yes… being present to what I’m experiencing in my body and holding space for honoring my authenticity, as well as holding space for others just how they are. Loneliness is often covered with shame and it’s a hard hurdle to get over because most people don’t talk about it. So in addition to feeling lonely, we also feel alone with the loneliness.
    Love you just the way you are Debbie.

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