A Woman’s Place

A Womans Place - Joy Based LivingSo I was on a call the other day with Catarina De Hoyos, one of my favorite Mary Kay consultants, and she was telling me that when she talks to women about joining the Mary Kay business, she has a special name for those appointments: Dream Sessions.

She came up with this name this because she has observed,

“A lot of women don’t have dreams. We often think of them while we sit together.”

I’m so glad Catarina’s in business and helping women to name their dreams and describe what they want to see in the world. In THEIR world. Then she encourages them to take their next steps, even if it’s got nothing to do with the MK business. THAT’S TRUE LEADERSHIP!!!

But her words kept ringing in my head:

“A lot of women don’t have dreams. We often think of them while we sit together.”

I don’t know why I was so shocked by her observation. I mean, truly stunned.

And saddened.

With all the personal development literature and youtubes out there, with all the women’s advocacy and feminism talk, with all the coaches and truly inspiring leaders who seem to be so constant and ever-present… this was shocking to me.

But maybe that’s because I live in a bubble. One that I’ve created. Joy-Based Living. JBL. Our community.

Where everyone is encouraged to name their intention (in a general way) and coached to state their trajectory (in a more specific way).

Naming one’s intention and trajectory has 2 strong benefits:

  1. It helps keep our daily actions on track with what we REALLY want to experience and create.
  2. It helps the others in our community to give encouragement and support!

Writing this just now, I realize how valuable it is. I mean, I realized it before (which is why JBL exists to begin with). But I’m FEELING the value right now. And it is absolutely DELISH! And SO IMPORTANT!

I encourage you to name your intention or trajectory and share it with someone who will supportively cheer you on and encourage you, and even open doors for you. If you want to share your dream or intention or trajectory with us in the comment section below, please do.

Here’s my impromptu video which was inspired by the conversation with Catarina. It’s called A WOMAN’S PLACE. The “Editor in Chi” button was lovingly created by one of my favorite creative people, Juli Jordan.

Stay True to your Big Dreams,

With Big Love,


ps. If you need help naming your trajectory, here’s a coaching video. I am also available to help you one-on-one.





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