How to Seriously Boost Your Intuition

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Intuition is awesome. Seriously. It’s like a magic ingredient that turns an ordinary experience into an extraordinary one. Because of its mysterious nature, our intuition connects us with a sense that we are part of something much, much bigger than ourselves. Heeding our intuition can be both humbling and exalting. In JBL language, listening to our intuition is a way of practicing honor, commitment and loyalty to ourselves.

Intuition can be compared to a muscle. Like any muscle, if it’s used, it will develop and grow stronger; if it’s ignored, it will atrophy or grow silent. And just like any muscle, if it’s not aligned properly, it can create more discomfort rather than ease and joy.

But the difference between a muscle and intuition is that when a physical muscle tries to get your attention, you feel physical pain. Intuition is much easier to ignore (until it’s not!).┬áSome of our biggest regrets come from not heeding our intuition, not listening. I think we all know what that feels like. We’re here in this conversation because we care to listen and connect with our intuition.┬áBut intuition isn’t just something we react to. It’s also something we can generate.

In this video, I offer 3 steps, and a real-life example that you can apply toward enhancing your own life story by aligning your intuition and letting it be the star player it’s meant to be.

Cheers to your most magical journey!

Happy D!

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