Authenticity is a Practice, a gentle inquiry

Inviting a gentle inquiry here with a couple of important and meaningful topics… Authenticity and Connection.

Been thinking about the topics of authenticity and connection for quite awhile and this video (Brene Brown) struck me as so worthy and true:

I’m contemplating authenticity as a practice alongside this video (Richard Grannon) which quite frankly is quite disturbing (because of its poignancy)…

the last 60 seconds or so have stayed with me… and I wonder:

In order to use the internet/ social media for the sake of building each other up, how do we “reward” a sense of connection when (in my opinion) connection IS the reward?

What are your thoughts about this?

Much love

Happy D!

2 thoughts on “Authenticity is a Practice, a gentle inquiry

  1. For me, connection is the reward. I think that’s what we’re here for. To connect and build each other up so we can all shine the brightest possible. Thanks for these videos.

    1. Thanks so much deJoly… I appreciate your appreciation very much 😊… sometimes I feel like I’m talking to the dark… the Internet can be so strange that way… so many people and yet… I still have difficulty “listening to” or “hearing” the public audiences to my work. It continues to be a leap of faith… many leaps of faith, of following my heart…

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