A Doctor’s JOY Prescription for a New Mom

Thanks so much to Jeanee Seljestad James, for allowing me share her beautiful art and story here at Joy-Based Living! Big love, Happy D!

At the time I made this, my twin daughters were two. I was madly in love with them and enjoying every moment of being their momma.

I was also completely overwhelmed, exhausted, and suffering from postpartum depression, yep it lasted a long time. One of the things my very wise doctor asked me was, “When was the last time you did something for yourself?” I couldn’t remember when. He asked “What brought you joy before you had your daughters?” I said “Art. I’m an artist but haven’t done anything in over 20 years.”

He took his script pad and wrote me a script for 6 months of Prozac. He handed it to me and I cried. He then began writing something else. He tore the page off and handed it to me, it said “Do something that brings you joy.” I cried again.

I went home and signed up for my first pottery class in 20 years.

This sculpture was the beginning of my healing and pulling out of the depression. Sometimes you can’t pull yourself up by the bootstraps. Sometimes you need Prozac and art.

Go do something that brings you joy today. xoxo

Just a note… I’m not endorsing or NOT endorsing meds…. it’s definitely a personal decision. However, if it were me, I’d have tried ASEA first :-).

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