Pizza napkin notes

Out with my friend Willow eating pizza, turns out she has the same ESSENCE ENERGY as another friend of mine, Claudia. Just mentioning how much Claudia LOVES TREES made Willow interested in getting to know her, so I connected them at Facebook messages. The experience was so heartwarming.

That’s the feeeeeeling of Wholehearted Networking. That’s wisdom and joy and love in action! If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve seen these circles, this Venn diagram. It’s so exciting to share with friends. As soon as Willow read it she said “I’d put that on my fridge.” So I gave it to her. And now I’m sharing it with you.

Connecting people who love the same things is SO MUCH FUN!

Much love

Happy D!

Wholehearted Networking

Ps. @claudiadose is raising $2020 to grow trees. Please reach out to her if you want to support her efforts!!

Pps. Here’s our dessert pizza With Nutella, powdered sugar and whipped cream

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