How are you a source of strength for others? Who lifts YOU when you need strength? – Episode 38 #lioness

Episode 38

In this meaningful conversation, Michele and I delve into some of the ways we keep our resiliency up, and some of the things we practice that we don’t normally talk about because they don’t normally come up in everyday conversation. We hope it brings you a sense of strength and greater sense of self-acceptance and self-love.

Poem by Gregory Orr, contributed by Will Mathes (thank you!)

To Be Alive
To be alive: not just the carcass
But the spark.
That’s crudely put, but…
If we’re not supposed to dance,
Why all this music?


  • Me and Jonathan at TikTok (see below)
  • Authenticity and being weird, Good Will Hunting
  • Flattening the curve
  • Strength-givers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes
  • Anti-bullying – neighborly message – on social media Non-negotiable non okaynesses
  • Michele Stone’s videos on anti-bullying, cutting, bulimia. Her videos also include mandalas and meditations and doodles to doodle the residue of your day away
  • You matter, you are here for a reason #youdoyou – Michele
  • Anger, Anxiety, Impatience, Sadness and the Mr. Rogers movie with Tom Hanks, a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (trailer below)
  • Grace and Frankie
  • HALT – hungry angry lonely tired (see clip below)
  • Prayer for Joni, thanks from Willy
  • Receiving
  • Why doesn’t Trader Joe’s deliver?!? – Juli Jordan comment to our Top 10 list of first world fussiness during the time of corona
  • Maya Angelou, ancestral strength, guidance and understanding
  • Liz Gilbert, Brené Brown, Gary Vee, Sadhguru, Melinda Gates, Ruth Ginsberg, Drew Barrimore

Question for you: Who lifts you when you need strength?

Please post your answer in the comment section below, or go to and leave us a voice message.

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Grace and Frankie

Cream Cheese breakfast rabbit made by Michele Stone on Easter

Debbie Happy Cohen, author and coach, is also the founder of Joy-Based Living. Her Master’s Degree is in counseling, specializing in family systems, healing emotional trauma, and practical spirituality. Also affectionately known as Happy D! and Reverend SASSY SHORTS!, she lives on Lookout Mountain in Alabama, near Chattanooga, Tennessee. Her books include Reach Your Stars!SANCTUARY, It’s All About Kids: Every Child Deserves a Teacher of the Year, and I Don’t Think So!  You can find her blogging at

Michele Stone is a professional artist in Tampa, Florida as well as a Certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach. She teaches classes for children and seniors and also curates art exhibits at the Carrollwood Cultural Center. Masterpieces with Michele, LLC is her company where provides painting parties for adults at their workplaces.  You can watch her videos and subscribe to her youtube station here.


This podcast is for all you moms and dads out there freaking out about what to do with your children for the next 2-4 weeks, while we are all quarantined. We plan to do a whole series of refreshing topics and life hacks to keep the stress and frustration down to a minimum. They will cover a wide range of topics, including emotional intelligence, doodling, navigating challenging times, resistance and so much more. Please leave a comment and I might draw out a doodle for you!! 


This podcast is CLEAN LANGUAGE AND KID FRIENDLY. I am swearing to give up swear words during these podcasts because your young ones are at home and you need this info to be heard and shared freely!! We want you to be a great lioness during these times. We want to help you you be the calm amidst the storm. We know how much you love your kids and we know how much you care.

Please comment!

Your voices mean the world to us!

Thank you!

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6 thoughts on “How are you a source of strength for others? Who lifts YOU when you need strength? – Episode 38 #lioness

  1. Thank you & Michelle for your caring, sharing, insights and encouragement… and especially for acknowledging Joni’s gratitude to all who’ve prayed for her healing and returning to well-being & joy… because “spreading the love” IS essential to growing joy in life… and y’all are doing it! Amen and amen!!! 😉

  2. Thanks Willy! I think I can speak for both Debbie and I that it’s important to us to SEE people and have those important conversations, which include sending love, spreading love and cultivating love. I continue to see Joni healthy and safe through her healing.

  3. I spoke with Deborah Brooks earlier today and she approved that I share three of her Top 10 fussy’s from a first world country during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    1) An opossum snuck into her back yard and tried to eat her chickens. When she attempted to chase it away, it ran up a tree and hid from her. She decided to lock up her chickens in their hen house and they got really mad making very loud clucking sounds.
    2) When Deborah went out to check on the chickens and the opossum, she stepped on a bee and her foot swelled up, thus making it hard for her to walk.
    3) Deborah and her husband just bought a home and are remodeling it. They have to wait for the contractors to finish before they can move all of their things in.

    Ahhhh, the challenges of living in a first world country during a pandemic! Thank you for sharing Deborah!!

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