Shame can be deadly. Beware and take care. Strengthen your superpowers. Livestream 169

Leading Joy-Based Living, and having the middle name HAPPY since the day I was born… these have given me a really unique perspective.

I am KEENLY AWARE of how natural JOY is and I AM ALSO SHARPLY TUNED IN to the subtle things that stand in its way, casting a shadow, attempting to shrink it or even diminish it.

Shame is probably Joy’s deadliest enemy.
JOY THRIVES when we don’t do ANYTHING.
Ever see a wildflower garden, or grass growing through cracks in a sidewalk? JOY is like that.

LIFE IS. It’s our job to let it live, to enjoy it, to celebrate it and to not allow anyone to contaminate our most beautiful gardens.

The most important thing to tend to and to protect is the love which flourishes in our hearts. Give NO ONE permission to diminish your joy or your love. Give NO ONE the power to close your heart.

STAY TUNED IN TO YOUR HEART because your love is your guidance, it is the source of your energy and your JOY. Love is your most precious and life-giving asset.

You got this. You are not alone. We are in this together.

Much love,
Happy D!

Ps The video includes an update about Corn Seed Experiment II. Feel free to share the youtube. You can access it and share it from this link:

2 thoughts on “Shame can be deadly. Beware and take care. Strengthen your superpowers. Livestream 169

  1. Important message about the power of shame AND the MORE powerful power of LOVE111… “I belong here!'” “Thank you, Debbie!
    Keep. Rockin’. That. Good. Stuff.

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