Start Your Own Group

Why Joy-Based Living groups? We are people moving beyond “the pale”*. This is super hard to do on your own. You are unclogging all your pipelines, Cleaning up dead carcasses, Changing all your old, outdated stories. JBL groups provide a support network for this journey. ~ Julie Hoy, PhD The Joy-Based Living Beginner’s Guide covers all of the … More Start Your Own Group

Connection via Empowerment

I’m tired of seeing people wound themselves and each other. Honestly. Just tired. The friend who is 30 lbs lighter than me telling me she’s so fat. Really? Then what am I, a cow? I actually like my body. She just brought the language of body-shame into our space.

Permission to coach.

If I have one more close friend tell me that they’d like to be a life coach, I’m going to scream. Seriously. YOU ARE ALREADY A LIFE COACH. THAT’S WHY I’M ON THE PHONE WITH YOU. BECAUSE YOU’RE A FREAKIN’ AMAZING LISTENER. YOU CAN HOLD SPACE FOR WHAT’S WANTING TO EMERGE IN ME. AND YOU … More Permission to coach.

Template Invitations for Joy-Based Living Community Events

If a group comes together and would like me to present a 2-hour workshop on Joy-Based Living: Vulture Culture, I will. A workshop description is provided in the first invitation template. These two templates (scroll down) can be shared as an email or a fb post to invite others. You can copy the one you want, and personalize it … More Template Invitations for Joy-Based Living Community Events