Note to Petty Tyrant

Marie Landreau

The voice of not-enough beats at my door.

Begging begging begging me to do more.

Go there, see that, get there, be that!

Come on, girl, you don’t have much time,

Go Go Go!!

Shame Abandonment and Betrayal haunt me.

Deeds of my fathers and mothers

and my own

yelling, whispering

Why didn’t you make it on the first try?

Why do you need so much help?

You can’t do it.

Go home, girl, go home.

Hang your head down, that’s right.

Fuck off, I say.

This is my life.

I have a say.

I will abandon you, little scrappy voice.

You don’t scare me.

I have Truth on my side.

I have honored so many people I can’t even count them all.

I have stayed committed to healing and loving over years and ages and eons.

I have remained loyal to the larger voice within.

And I know my place these days.

I am the driver of this vehicle.

You? You don’t even have a license.

I will give you cookies if you like.

But see that child’s seat back there?

It’s time for you to buckle yourself in.

Cause we’re goin for a RIDE.




3 thoughts on “Note to Petty Tyrant

  1. Right on, Debbie! Your post reminds me of today’s “Note from the Universe”: “It’s impossible to be afraid, when you dwell in truth. The greater the fear, the farther from truth.” And the truth is, sometimes we ALL need to use that child’s seat in the back WITH cookies… so that WE can enjoy the ride! 🙂

  2. What a great poem! yes, this conversation with your little self puts things in perspective… you go girl! glad I’m here to see it happen and be a part of the development of JBL. You inspire, excite and ignite many of us to be more, do more and sit in ourselves and appreciate who and what we are. Much love, deJoly

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