Joy-Based Living is where Business Meets Spirituality

Joy-Based Living is Where Business Meets Spirituality

Spirituality says, “There is love in everything and in everyone, there is beauty everywhere.” A spiritual business says, “I see needs on the planet, I see problems to be solved so that more love and beauty can be revealed. I’m going to provide products or services that will be part of the solution.” Joy-based living is love in action. 

Spirituality is inner alignment; business is the outer contribution. However, many business people and spiritual seekers are out of balance. See how the following ideas might apply to your life. Examples:

  • Too much tension (not enough “perspective”).
  • Expectations are set too low (settling for less).
  • Too much anxiety (not enough compassion, especially for oneself).
  • Too much apathy (not enough inspired action).
  • Too much disconnection, from oneself and/or others (not enough connection).
  • Too much chaotic thinking (not enough clarity).

Joy naturally occurs when a person experiences:

  • being both deeply relaxed and intensely immersed
  • reaching for new possibilities and being fully present
  • wonderment
  • exuberance and equanimity
  • a healthy tension that comes from learning and growing in a pleasant atmosphere (like learning to ride a bike or learning to swim)

Spirituality in business happens when you:

  • recognize that you are not your small self, you are not your past, you are not your goals, you are not your problems, you are not any role you play.
  • align your career with your purpose.
  • experience gratitude and appreciation for all of your business contacts.
  • release, exchange, and transmute a “shitty first draft” about a person or situation into a positive and generate a “final draft vision” for the person or situation.
  • offer compassion to another and/or to yourself.
  • review your contact list and bless everyone on it, seeing them happy and fulfilled. That’s spiritual. Business is helping them meet their needs according to your specialty.
  • approach your calendar by blessing upcoming meetings, asking for guidance and seeing positive outcomes. That’s spiritual. Business is showing up on time and kicking ass.
  • face shame and guilt for not having done something perfectly (or even well) and release those feelings to the larger field, allowing them to transmute so you can be set free to be of service in the best way possible.
  • believe in ideas that seem impossible because the acorn in you yearns to become a tree. That’s spiritual. Business is acting on those yearnings and putting structures under them for sustainability.
  • meditate and ask: “What would you have me do? Where would you have me go? What would you have me say? And to whom?” These are spiritual questions from A Course in Miracles which can guide your intuition and daily action, in every area of your life, including business.

These are certainly not complete lists, but I hope they stimulate ideas in you for what’s possible and for what kind of support you would like to have in order to truly thrive. Every day I receive reports from coaching clients and friends who are putting these ideas into action and being rewarded for their efforts. I wish this for you as well!

Much love,

Happy D!


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