Staying connected – time sensitive message

I just sent out this email and wanted to share it with all of you.

Hello friends,

In 2016, when I kickstarted Joy-Based Living, I never imagined writing an email to you during a global pandemic. I have thought about you often over the last couple of years but I’ve also been in deep learning – kind of like being in a crucible or in a cauldron or a cocoon. It’s hard to write an email update when you’re in a state of core transformation. I truly believe life was molding me and preparing me for this time.

Through these years, an inner circle of women at Joy-Based Living have joined me in actively studying emotional trauma. We are now on the other side of our understanding of Complex PTSD. We are now facing a new learning curve – how to contribute more of our authentic gifts. More widely. More generously. More joyfully.

Due to the pandemic, we are called to do this ONLINE. And for many of us, it’s scary. Insecurities rise up around fully showing up. But our intuitions keep telling us to go forward and keep moving ahead. To make a difference. To contribute as authentically and as positively and as powerfully as we can.

When inner stress rises up, we know how to assuage it and keep it from taking over. We have learned to stay in our power.

I know we were being prepared for these times. I know we are here to be of service.

For awhile now, a marble of an idea has been rolling around in my mind. A concept called Wholehearted Networking. I didn’t know what it would be or who it would be for or how it would emerge. Well, it’s time is now.

Wholehearted Networking will be a course and a community where we’ll be taking the lessons we’ve learned over the last 3 years and offering them in 3 months.

The idea is that it will be kind of like a flight park. There will be some people on bunny slopes, others being trained by professional pilots, and others who can fly and soar independently.

The thing is – we will be there for each other.

This is what I want for us. This is what I want for humanity.

My deepest wish is that this be available to the most people in the widest way – kind of like 12 step programs are. But I have learned that I have to start with a smaller group than that.

So – I’ve decided to tailor this introductory experience for Boss Moms who are waking up, who are committed to personal development. Who are wanting to enhance their own sense of spirituality, their own understanding of trauma, and their own authentic expression in their contribution to their families and to the world.

The intro to Wholehearted Networking is called THRIVE Amidst the Noise.

We’ll meet online on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 – the day after St Patty’s Day and the day before Spring Equinox.

5pm Pacific / 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern

You can register for THRIVE Amidst the Noise here:

I wish you and everyone you care about so much love. So much ease. So much clarity. So much well-being. So much peace.

So much joy.


ps. I’ve been writing a ton at the Joy-Based Living blog.
Recent blog posts include a brand new podcast as well for enhancing your home life, especially if you have kids. The blog is for everyone.

Please share this with anyone you think could benefit.


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