Daily Reflections for Inspired Action

Engage an ongoing conversation with your true self

The JBL planner is an exercise in changing your stories about yourself, about others, and about life. It’s for when you want to change your course or change your main characters or change the quality of your daily living experience.

The stories we tell ourselves impact our health, our friendships and our well-being. They also shape our futures.

When you change your story at a core authentic level, you change your life. You change its tune. You change the atmosphere, the rhythm, your heartbeat, and your vision.

The more you practice expressing yourself from a true, authentic place, the more you will attract your true tribe into your life. People who love you, care about you, and bring out your best… without any agenda other than well-being and joy. When these characters enter, that’s when your real story begins.

The brand new JBL planner is like a friendly guide that will coax you, inspire you, encourage you and cheer you on every single day. 

The daily reflection questions are uniquely structured to help you tune into your authentic best self.

The questions don’t change throughout the JBL Planner. But you do.


  • PDF, downloadable.
  • Undated pages can be used any time of year.
  • Includes self assessments for self-value & core values.
  • Weekly and monthly pages allow for integrating and assimilating your previous reflections.
  • Designed to encourage creativity and stimulate intuition through handwriting.
  • This version of the Planner (Beta Version 1) includes Q & A and idea-sharing.

Note: There are no refunds for downloadable products.

Once you’ve purchased your Planner, you’ll receive a download link at your email account that’s associated with your payment.

Please come back here and join our conversation!! Share ideas, offer suggestions, ask questions and connect with others!! 😊

If you ever get lost or need support, just comment below. Someone will respond within 48 business hours. We are a very small operation connected by a gorgeous network of supporters and friends.


Debbie Happy Cohen, founder of Joy-Based Living, LLC

2 thoughts on “Planner

  1. I love my JBL planner! I’m not always consistent in using it every day yet. However, I find myself thinking about it throughout the day. I often think about the prompt “I have scheduled this person for meaningful time together:” and add people to my calendar because of it. If I’m going to spend 9 hours a day, 5 days a week at my office, I really love that I’m being more intentional about spending time with people I enjoy spending time with who inspire my best self.

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