Healthy parent healthy child archetype (curing CPTSD CPTSR)


4-Year-old Claire and Her Dad Perform 'You'll Be in My Heart'
4-Year-old Claire Crosby and Her Dad Perform ‘You’ll Be in My Heart’

Healing and curing CPTSD/R* requires willingness, determination, courage and imagination. Thankfully, the antidote to the invisible insanity is right inside of you. Most people with CPTSD/R have these strengths in spades. Now, you are retraining yourself to use these strengths for your own benefit, for your own power (yes I did just say that), for your own full expression in the world.

No longer pathologically selfless

If you aren’t willing to stand for yourself, and you are capable of doing so, it’s not right to expect anyone else to. It’s not respectful, kind or good. There’s no dignity in it. And you will probably drag them down. I KNOW you don’t want to do that.

Instead, employ your power to empower your joy. Stand strong, stand tall, play full-out to the best of your ability. You might get hurt, but now you have energy and now you have momentum. With momentum, you can self-correct BECAUSE NOW YOU ARE IN THE GAME!!!! Self correcting is MUCH EASIER than self starting.

Healthy inner world

I love this archetypal example of a healthy inner parent and child (see photo and video). Note how Claire kept some of her toys in her “hiding” place. If you’re healing from CPTSD/R this might be a foreign concept to you. Love does not mean giving it all away. Love means being fully present. I love how music and imagery can reach our pre-language selves/ unconscious … they’re so much more powerful than words alone. Enjoy the music and take the message into your heart! You are not alone.

Curing CPTSD/R requires repetition

Use your strengths of persistence, resilience, determination and dogged-stubbornness to practice self-care by embodying your truth, empowering your joy and taking the inspired actions necessary to live your dreams. See 3 options below.

Much love,

Happy D!

* CPTSD/R is complex post traumatic stress disorder/ response

Want more depth of study and practice? I created 3 options just for you:

  1. 12 Practices (for those who are ready to commit to self-care) These 12 Practices are a personal inner-strengthening “workout”: an e-book with a journal and supplementary videos. You got this!
  2. Bring It On! (for those courageous souls ready to face their shadows) And… I just created this bite-size audio and visual program called Bring It On: Exchange Toxic Shame for Healthy Self Connection! You only have to listen and follow along and get huge benefit. This “sneak peak” can help you get a really true experience of a “Tell Me More” worksheet where we remove inner “fog” through awareness, acceptance and articulation. It’s more than an hour of audio which is reinforced visually in a follow-along worksheet, O YEAH! I wish every therapist and client had this tool in their pocket. It’s AWESOME!!
  3. I Don’t Think So! (for the joyfully rebellious who have a good sense of humor) If you have children in your life and you’ve read this far, gift them with the I Don’t Think So! book. THEY WILL LOVE IT AND SO WILL YOU!! #bondingbonanza


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