Just coz I talk slow doesn’t mean I’m stupid

just coz i talk slow doesnt mean im stupid

There is sacred, gorgeous healing power in slowing the f-down. Here is me, doing just that.


Happy D!

Want to set your joy free? Here are 3 options just for you:

  1. 12 Practices (for those who are ready to commit to self-care) These 12 Practices are a personal inner-strengthening “workout”: an e-book with a journal and supplementary videos. You got this!  https://joybasedliving.com/ebook/
  2. Bring It On! (for those courageous, bold souls who are ready to face their shadows) And… I just created this bite-size audio and visual program called Bring It On: Exchange Toxic Shame for Healthy Self Connection! You only have to listen and follow along and get huge benefit. This “sneak peak” can help you get a really true experience of a “Tell Me More” worksheet where we remove inner “fog” through awareness, acceptance and articulation. It’s more than an hour of audio which is reinforced visually in a follow-along worksheet, O YEAH! I wish every therapist and client had this tool in their pocket. It’s AWESOME!! https://payhip.com/b/YKL2
  3. I Don’t Think So! (for my favorite joyfully rebellious ones who still have their wit and humor intact)  If you have children in your life and you’ve read this far, gift them with the I Don’t Think So! book. THEY WILL LOVE IT AND SO WILL YOU!! #bondingbonanza http://a.co/d/0EmbMZu

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