Embodiment Meditation 4-8-19

The purpose of an embodiment meditation is to help center yourself in your body. It’s very helpful to do just prior to engaging a meaningful conversation. You can do the meditation by yourself, or with a person who is about to join you in the conversation. You can even start a meeting with it. It’s a¬†gift for your soul because quality attention is the greatest gift you can give to someone else or that they can give to you.

Much love,

Happy D!

embodiment meditation cover 4-8-19

2 thoughts on “Embodiment Meditation 4-8-19

  1. From mom of dogs: This is a gamechanger in meaningful conversations. So much time can be waisted “talking” while we are in distraction or ungrounded. The pups don’t seem to have this problem ;0). Thank you for this gift!

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