So you’ve refused to be another brick in the wall – now who will you be?

After refusing to be a cog, a brick or a drone —- who will you become?

Will you become a bully? A peace freak? A doormat to someone else’s whims? An addict? A zombie? I hope none of the above.

I think in order to avoid these traps, and to live with dare I say JOY – we will have to take responsibility for shaping our own spirituality – we will have to each define our place in the world.

Since religion isn’t cutting it for so many of our modern-day selves –

it’s time we learn to ride the tension of feeling small – as in the awe of standing under a gorgeous star-studded sky – along with the juxtaposed acceptance of being your own authority, your own placebo, your own special self. Your own person.

This of course requires that you expand your pallet of what’s possible for you, of where God lives, and of being absolutely present to the fullest range of emotions.

Hate to say it to you mavericks and misfits out there, but this magical formula is nearly impossible to accomplish by yourself. In isolation. Alone.

I’m sharing this with you because I can’t do it alone. And even if I could, I wouldn’t want to. I’m not a robot. The 12th Step in the 12 step programs is all about sharing the gifts we were given in order to keep them.

In 12 step programs they call this Sponsorship.

That’s a good word but being the maverick I am, I prefer other options which command authority within my own cellular body. So that when I speak to myself, I hold authority which no other human is allowed to override without my consent.

Here are some options for you:

  • Reverend
  • Principal
  • Boss
  • Rabbi
  • Counselor
  • Majesty
  • Grand Puba
  • Chief
  • you can come up with your own

Now if you do this without honoring your connection to the larger field of life, you’ll risk feeling more separate, more egoic, more alienated, more alone. Overcompensating as someone trying to prove their bigness.

But of you choose a robe or a suit or a cape that honors your smallness within the scope of the universe’s grandness, you will cross the threshold into magic awe and wonder.

You will neither be a cog nor a grandiose bully-leader.

You will feel connected, confident, special and amazing. You’ll feel a sense of purpose and belonging deep in the marrow of your bones.

You will take risks to be and do and contribute from a place of inspired action. Why? Because your heart will be given permission to guide. To drive. To be seated at the throne of your psyche. Your life. Your temple.

And your heart is the aspect of you that accesses love – the energy that connects us all. The greatest power in the Universe.

Here’s a poem I wrote in 1995. It still moves me and many others. A church group in Arizona called Grace Notes turned it into a song. Natalie, their leader, tried to upload it so I could share it with you but she wasn’t able to get it to work. That’s ok. Someone turned the camera sideways so it came out wonky, but it is still beautiful.

ANYHOO… If you want me to send you a postcard, let me know and I will. Anywhere in the world – well, on planet earth 🌍.

Just sign up at Patreon at any membership level and private message me there with your mailing address. I’ve got about 900 of these sitting in a long rectangular box just jumping with excitement to be shared.

Much love,

Happy D!
Debbie Happy Cohen, founder of Joy-Based Living
I want you to LOVE negotiating for JOY! | Author | Coach at Joy-Based Living

Also known as REVEREND SASSY SHORTS, thank you very much!

8 thoughts on “So you’ve refused to be another brick in the wall – now who will you be?

  1. Another inspired & inspiring post, Debbie… Molto Grazie! Thought you and the JBL readers would enjoy this short bit of history (copy-and-paste, then open link below) about the kids who sang on that Pink Floyd song (“We don’t need no thought control…”), and how that all came to pass, as well as their sentiments about it now:

      1. And actually, Debbie, I agree 1000% — those kids’ “playground chanting” TOTALLY makes the song! Sends rebellious empowerment chills through me EVERY time I hear them, too!!! 😉

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