Mental and emotional agility – you got this

So there was this guy who had a really narcissistic boss and her name kind of sounded like or rhymed with Mary Lou Retton, so that’s what I started calling her inside of our conversations. I honestly don’t even remember the boss lady’s real name.

Every time I referred to her as Mary Lou Retton,, my friend’s laughter would rise up. And would loosen up his fear-based rigidity. This would set him free to think differently about her, about himself, and about new possibilities.

Today, and for years well beyond their working together, that’s how we refer to her. It makes us laugh every time. Which happened again today. So I created this collage for him today and it cracked him up. I love that we’re still milking the funnies out of it.

I wonder if you can relate, if you’ve had a similar experience where you empowered yourself or someone else with benign, non-malicious humor?

Much love

Debbie Happy Cohen

Aka HappyD and… Reverend SASSY SHORTS!!!

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Debbie Happy Cohen, author and coach, is the founder of Joy-Based Living
I want you to LOVE negotiating for JOY!

2 thoughts on “Mental and emotional agility – you got this

  1. Being “this guy” who is referred to here, I can attest that everything you’ve stated, Debbie, is indeed true. And as for “empowering yourself or someone else with benign, non-malicious humor,” I must say enjoy giving and receiving it as often as possible! WOO-HOO! Thanks again for the laughter! 😉

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