Healthy Capitalism Requires Conscious Leadership (Simon Sinek)

Telling the truth, especially in a narcissistic culture, doesn’t make someone popular. In fact, there are often repercussions for saying “what is”, especially if it goes against convention. That’s why I appreciate Simon Sinek’s leadership. He’s using his popularity to speak truth to power. I happen to like capitalism. He’s naming what’s wrong with how we’re using it and what we need to do to get it back on track. The way we’re applying it – promotes and rewards narcissism.

It can be tempting to point to some big bad leaders out there and blame them, but that’s not really helpful. The problem is that too many people clap for them and buy in because they don’t see what’s really going on.

I appreciate clear messages like this one because it helps people see what’s happening behind the semi-transparent curtain, which narcissists are expert at placing in front of themselves to create confusion. Our confusion = their power. This is one of the narcissist’s superpowers. But the only way their superpower can work is for us to cooperate. I say Hell No!

When someone can say something way better than I can – rather than trying to copy them or summarize them which would water down their message – I’d rather share them with you. I’ve recommended Simon’s TED talks to clients and friends. I don’t agree with everything he says, but I like where he’s going and his ability to articulately name grim situations and then steer the conversation into a positive, empowering direction, gearing up hope and action, pointing forward, saying, “Hey, everyone, let’s go this way!”

I find the best (most joyful) way to handle the grim – is to be busy doing something about it. Speak truth to power. Speak light to darkness. Go Simon!

Cheers to your leadership, cheers to your voice!

Much love,

Happy D!

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