Inspiring Leaders – Please vote for your favorite youtube topics – time sensitive

Inspiring Leaders

On Friday (in 3 days), I’m going to start posting youtubes on the topic of leadership and I’d like your help. (I can include some on narcissistic abuse as well, but you’ll need to let me know what you’d like to expand on or review.)


Yes, I get the double entendre and it made me smile when I saw it. I appreciate leaders who are already inspiring, and I also enjoy offering inspiration to leaders who want to lift their vibes. In fact, this is one of my favorite things in the world to do… helping my friends and clients step into greater power and clarity. Then watching them as they grow. Here’s the process of growth that I witness in those who are quantum leaping forward:

  • Step 1: Get in the game. You’re gonna be imperfect, especially at first. Here you mostly need willingness and cheers.
  • Step 2: Elevate your game. You’re seeing good results and now you want consistency, so you keep asking for feedback and clarity until you get where you want to be. You clean up inner conflict, unhealthy attachment and struggle. You surround yourself with more amazing people and you release ne’er-do-wells with greater ease (and less guilt) than ever before.
  • Step 3: Champion others to get in the game and elevate their game. You get high when you see others rising and stepping up their game. The world is becoming a better place and you know you are playing an important part in other people’s lives. You experience more meaning, joy, passion and purpose as you awaken leadership in others.


What I’ve learned from this exploration is that JBL is where business meets spirituality. I didn’t mean for that to happen, but it has. At JBL, we do the inner work to create a better outer world for ourselves and others. A JBL leader emphasizes the positive and transmutes the negative. At JBL, we help you strengthen your connection and clarify your direction while wildly embracing your imperfection!


Your opinion is welcome!

Someone on my support team recently challenged me to create 10 Youtubes on the topic of leadership, and I’m going to take them up on the challenge. I’m aiming to create topics that will hit home for people who really want to be the best they can be. That will engage them, inspire them and help them grow. Someone else on my team helped me come up with these topics because she thinks they will be helpful for her team.

Feel free to ignore the notes and just read the bold titles. I wonder what’s your favorite? Do you have other topic, ideas, or titles you would like me to speak on?

  1. 5 tips for leaders to supercharge their team. I love serving my team and awakening the best in them, to the point where they are blown away by their own successes, results and outcomes. Seeing them elevate to all of the success they’re capable of.
  2. 3 secrets for leaders to maintain perspective when overwhelmed or challenged.  You are not the problem you are facing. You are not the dot. Important. “How do you get there?” – Pat People in their yoga practice or whatever, this is just a different way and it’s an easy accessible way to talk about the larger self. For people who want a more neutral lingo, people that are in some sort of practice – they can hear a thing because it’s coming from left field.
  3. 7 skills for leaders who want to move their teams into strong, sustainable action. Create win-win scenarios everywhere you go. Wholehearted Networking:  Actively offering profound respect and appreciation for each others’ gifts, talents and strengths. Developing the best in ourselves and each other.
  4. Business meets spirituality. At the JBL building block village, don’t let the playfulness of this fool you. It’s playfulness with a purpose. Deep-seated playfulness with intentional design that has helped me and my friends and clients stay on track, internally and externally.
  5. Wholehearted Business. “How you do anything is how you do everything.” A little anchor helping you remember what’s important.
  6. The business of being. BEING in business. BEING and business. (Using our Wholehearted Mastermind process to clear out any negativity.
  7. Business with a cape on. You can have a business without being a leader. But once you move into leadership, then it’s more than just a business. It’s a business with a cape on. It’s a community. It’s coaching. It’s education. It’s nurturing. It’s setting an example and a tone for people to follow. It seems bigger.
  8. How to open your mouth (basic leadership skill / vital team skill). Nothing happens till people open their mouths and talk. Here’s what’s important to share with others – and what isn’t.
  9. The leadership superpower of hootless conviction: when bullets can hit you and they just bounce off. Level of conviction. Conviction in yourself. Your values. Your product. The superpower of hootless conviction.
  10. Are you a lonely leader? Let’s end that storyline right now. There’s plenty of support out there. Recognize that you’re not in it alone. During a 3-way connection call, someone asked: “Can I call on you if I need you?” That was the purpose of the call, but it wasn’t stated up front, so she didn’t get the message up front. These people have team members right down the street from them. They can work together. People across the country that they can contact.
  11. Great leaders connect the dots. (Basic leadership skill / essential for thriving) Notice. Observe. Make notes. Notice who is reaching out to you. What are their skills, passions, desires, values. How can you connect them with others so that everyone is enriched?
  12. 2 ways a spreadsheet can be used for spiritual practice. Great leaders know how to keep what’s most important on the front burner. How to create and use an Important Tickler Spreadsheet. Quantum leap process: trajectory, priorities, RHYTHM, milestones  Trajectory: career, family, friends (get related to what’s at stake, embody the possibilities, connect with your why / your values) “What better mission in life than to BE A FORCE FOR GOOD IN THE WORLD. We know that this is what so many people crave: meaning & purpose on a grand scale. That starts with remembering our favorite quote: Little Things are Big Things, in other words, our day to day interactions add up to our success. Simple kindness, integrity & gratitude go a long way and snowball into unexpected blessings.” – Juli  Priorities: The purpose of this spreadsheet is to keep your most important priorities front and center (no one left behind) RHYTHM: Play this spreadsheet like a drumbeat at regular intervals; any resistance IS your opportunity for spiritual breakthroughs; breathe, “tell me more”, bring on the love. There are 2 ways this spreadsheet can be Spiritual Practice: 1) embody the positive gratitude and appreciation and abundance and vision for each person 2) face the negative – when negative feelings come up, you can embody them, breathe, use the Wholehearted Mastermind process and remember that you are NOT the dot. By cleaning your inner space, you can show up fully again.


Thanks in advance for your feedback and input!

Much love,

Happy D!

Update – Possible nark youtube topic:

The Number 1 thing you need to do to heal from narcissistic abuse: validate your reality.

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