Short Embodiment Meditation for Empowerment, Focus and Healing

Short Embodiment Meditation For Empowerment Focus Stress-Relief and Healing - youtube thumbnail -

It’s raining and downpouring right now and that just feels lovely. I hope you enjoy this embodiment meditation as much as I enjoyed creating it. In another post, I’ll share more about the importance and benefits of embodiment. For now… just enjoy.

Much love,

Happy D!


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JBL Mission (in development)
At Joy-Based Living, we are empowering JOY in everyday people. Through conscious and inspired action, we are making ordinary living – simply awesome. Many of us at JBL also happen to be small business owners. JBL has flexed to meet their needs for focus, clarity, and keeping their most important priorities FIRST.

At JBL, business meets spirituality. Spirituality says, “There is love in everything and in everyone, there is beauty everywhere.” A spiritual business says, “I see needs on the planet, I see problems to be solved so that more love and beauty can be revealed. I’m going to provide products or services that will be part of the solution.” Joy-based living is love in action. This is the heart of great leadership.

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