From Trauma to Thriving – Your Locus of Control – Focusing Forward

The magic of MILESTONES… YEAH.

calvin hobbes where were going

I posted this (below) for the inner circle of peeps at JBL (called Authentic Connections which you can see on our Treasure Map) because when I Kickstarted JBL in 2016, I NEVER in a million years intended or predicted that we’d be having a deep and ongoing transformative conversation about narcissistic abuse. And I’m SO FLIPPIN’ PROUD OF US FOR FOLLOWING THE ENERGY. It’s clearly what’s needed for so many of us who have to remove the obstacles that are due to the effects of it and we are now living stronger and freer.  Here’s my post. It’s about where we’re heading. It’s about our LOCUS OF CONTROL. And it’s about YOU, too.

Some gorgeous clarity is emerging about where we are and where we’re heading and I’d like to see if I can articulate it here in this [15-month long] thread about healing from narc abuse (N/A).

OOOH, I like N/A. It also means “Not Applicable.” HELL YEAH!!!!

The reason this topic of N/A works here at JBL is because

  1. This unexpected N/A topic is occurring inside of a much larger wider stronger container. We each care about practicing the JBL ideas in our daily lives, giving honor, commitment and loyalty to ourselves and each other. Imperfectly :-). With sincerity and joy.
  2. Within the N/A flood of information, our focus is on our own healing, specifically from C-PTSD and trauma bonds/Stockholm Syndrome. As we’ve become more aware of our own blindsides, including our own compulsive regressions and flashbacks, our own numbed out places inside of ourselves, we’ve had more power to step forward, to reach out, to keep going.  Such blindsides can disempower, sabotage and confuse the shit out of us if we don’t shed light on them. They usually goes unseen and misunderstood by most therapists and coaches. So our awareness is HUGELY IMPORTANT.
  3. We each have aims in life which are deeply meaningful and important to us. COMMITMENTS to a larger vision for ourselves, for our contributions to others, to the world. The healing we are doing around C-PTSD is helping remove inner obstacles from our ability to fly forward. We are practicing: RE-PRESENCING in the moment.  RE-PRESENCING into our adult self. RE-PRESENCING in the direction we’re facing. FOCUSING FORWARD.

To me, #3 is the “IT”.  It’s where the real possibilities live and where joy GROWS. It’s my WHY.

What’s interesting (looking back) is that the ratio of youtubes I posted this week are in alignment with what I just wrote:
7 are leadership/inspired action,
2 are about healing from N/A
1 is a short embodiment meditation.

I like this ratio. It feels right.


Let’s keep going. Focusing Forward!!

So much love!!

Happy D!!

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