Trauma as disconnection from self, Gabor Mate

So… while I’m completing the e-book I’m going to share more of other people’s awesome wisdom with you. In this keynote with Gabor Maté in Glasgow, Scotland, he discusses healing from trauma, addiction and compassion. He also discussed choice theory, which he doesn’t like to apply to addiction. Brené Brown discusses choice theory in the interview with Russell Brand. She loves it, especially in regards to raising children. I like staying open and inviting multiple perspectives, so I’m not interested in taking a stand as much as expanding my curiosity. I’d love to see Gabor and Brené interview each other!

My interest in leading edge psychology comes from years of deep study, including a graduate degree in counseling specializing in marriage and family systems, with an emphasis in Adlerian psychology. (That dude – Alfred Adler – was a badass genius… more about him another day.)

It all depends on how we look at things, and not on how things are in themselves. ~ Carl Jung

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2 thoughts on “Trauma as disconnection from self, Gabor Mate

  1. Or Russell Brand interviewing them both! 😉
    Thanks, Debbie… I deeply appreciate Gabor’s insights into recovery from addiction and healing from trauma. Good stuff! 🙂
    And lastly, here is a truly uplifting quote from Dr. Adler (at least to me):
    “Everything can always be different!”

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