Indifference Sucks – Involvement is Your Strength – Embody Well-being Today

Your authority.

Your decisions.

Your values.

Your feelings.

If you were affected by a narcissist, those are the aspects of your life that were manipulated in order to control you.

Your Power

A narcissist feels so weak and insecure on the inside that the only way they know to experience security is by taking someone else’s power. Masters of deception, they’re quite brilliant. Devoid of empathy, they’re emotionally stunted.

You were targeted because you are internally strong and deeply empathic. The very things they lack.

You are brilliant in your knowing, in your sheer awareness, of your feelings and your values. You sense truth. You know right from wrong. One of the ways you were tricked is by given choices where you couldn’t win. By someone who held power over you. This is psychological torture. Especially because, being empathic, you probably blamed yourself. The self-betrayal you endured can be absolutely maddening!

You can stop punishing yourself now.

If you are recovering from such insane bullshit, my deepest wish is that you find home again, inside of your truth and your power and your joy… those places where you were hit hardest. When you accessed them in the narcissistic relationship, you learned (you were trained) to land in confusion or depression. This is learned helplessness.

If you have left the narcissistic relationship but are struggling, it’s because in abandoning the narc, you have likely abandoned yourself as well.

In becoming indifferent to them, you may have become indifferent to yourself.

Indifference toward oneself SUCKS.

Involvement makes you STRONG. Use your amazingly honed resilience to make your own decisions, use your own authority, and be loyal to your feelings and values.

Your involvement is your greatest asset, ally and strength.

You can stop the madness. You can come home to yourself.

What decisions would you LOVE to make for your life now?

What choices would ENLIVEN your sense of wholeness and well-being?

By whose AUTHORITY will you step forward?

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There are no refunds for Joy-Based Living products, courses or membership programs. Also, our programs can support and supplement medical and psychological services, but are not a replacement for such services.

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