Are You Worth Fighting For? How to Negotiate for Your Joy

In any negotiation, there are 3 levels of YES:

  1. The BS-YES where the person tells you yes, but you know and they know that they don’t really mean it.
  2. The HALF-BLOODED YES, where the person tells you yes, but they have reservations about really going ahead, and so they hold back, or procrastinate, or sabotage your efforts.
  3. The FULL-HEARTED YES, where the person tells you yes and they back it up with commitment and showing up and moving forward with you. THIS IS WHERE THE REAL GAME IS PLAYED.

I’ve been coaching people for 21 years.

And I need to vent.


Most people who say they want coaching are full of BS.

They say they want to change. But they don’t, not really. As soon as they get to an edge, they quit. On themselves. And on their coach.

This is so NOT cool. And it makes me feel sad.

I don’t want you to be that person.

I want you to negotiate for your joy, and WIN!

When I’m coaching someone, I invest time, energy, emotion and quality attention in them, and in their potential.

These are the most priceless gifts EVER.

To be at their best, these gifts require heart and soul. There is no machine that can give them to you.

I want you to receive these priceless gifts.


These gifts can’t just be given to anyone.

Receiving these gifts requires COMMITMENT on the part of the RECEIVER.

These gifts have to be ACTIVELY accepted.

This is what it means to be COACHABLE.

yes very yesA Full-Hearted YES!

The clients I LOVE THE MOST offer a FULL-HEARTED YES to me, to themselves, and to the coaching process.

Why do I love them so much?

Because with both of us committed to their transformation, we truly co-author new experiences, new connections, new potential in their lives. At home, at work, in their creative expression.

Together, we get to experience many milestones and moments of JOY.


How Coachable Are You?

When it comes to personal transformation, what level of YES are you engaging?  How coachable are you? How committed are you to really being in the game?

But maybe a better question is:

Do YOU believe you are worth fighting for?

Because I do. 


Happy D!

ps. If you’re interested in learning more about the levels of participation that we offer here at Joy-Based Living, check out the JBL Treasure Map.

If you want to put your toe in the water, start with the E-book.

If you’re ready to jump in with both feet, you can schedule your coaching session with me today!

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