What would you do if you absolutely knew this to be true?

There’s a popular question asked among personal development leaders which I have tried to engage but it always stopped short for me. Although I really like the “edginess” of the question and the fact that it challenges a person into upgrading their life, its power always felt too harsh to me.

The question is: “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” Another version of this question is: “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”

Over the years, I’ve tried editing the question so that it would work for me. Something that would empower me by raising my vision, invoking my intuition, inspiring my heart and moving me to action.  

A couple of days ago, a friend introduced me to the Conscious Ink company which specializes in temporary tattoos. At the website, a quote by the founder, Frank Gjata, completely nailed it for me. My inner truth-meter loves this inquiry. So here it is, for you.

“OUR JOB is to simply EMBRACE who we TRULY are and LET GO of the details. The ENTIRE UNIVERSE conspires to pollinate a SINGLE FLOWER. We’ll be just fine.”

Take a breath, center yourself, be present in your body as you ask yourself the following question: What would you do if you absolutely knew this to be true?


With love,

Happy D!

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