Best LIVE response to a narcissist with play-by-play commentary – not sure how long it’s going to be up on Youtube (Monique and Steve Harvey)

Joy cannot grow where truth is denied

It’s so much easier to learn about psychological abuse when you can actually see it in action.  Check out this brilliant, poignant commentary in response to this 5-minute interview excerpt with Steve Harvey and Monique. What excites me most is that it offers a play-by-play account of the abusive nature of narcissism. It shows:

  • in detail – the personal experience and cultural effects of the abuse.
  • just how subtle the abuse can be.
  • how prevalent it is in our society.
  • how acceptable it is in our culture.
  • a great example of someone standing strong in the face of abuse.
  • how to be present in order to stand strong, respond intelligently and hold your ground.

This comedian, Monique, knows who she is and her husband (who is also her manager) is backing up her choices. Bravo! I think we need more such people standing strong for truth and for doing the right thing… even when doing the opposite is the more popular option.

The commentator from the channel “Permission to Exist” is absolutely disgusted by Steve’s behavior in this interview. Behavior which seems so “normal.” Her disgust is very appropriate and I appreciate her being so discerning, so vocal, and so clear.

Quick quotes from the video (feel free to add your own in the comment section):

“5 stages of narcissistic anger:

  1. postpone the conversation
  2. mock you
  3. gaslight you
  4. exhibit anger
  5. silent treatment”

2-letter nark test: Tell them “NO.”

Harvey: “I cannot, for the sake of my integrity, let everyone around me who’s counting on me, crumble just to make a statement.”    Permission to Exist comments: What he’s saying is “I can’t always do the right thing when I have bills to pay.”

Harvey: “With the truth comes repercussions.” When did that start?”

“Inequality is devastating.” – Monique

PLEASE: If you are in an abusive relationship that can cause physical or financial damage to yourself or your children, being this straight up with the abuser is probably NOT a good idea. Please get proper support and make sure you are safe.

Speak truth to power.

And… always remember – YOU are the treasure. Your truth matters.

Much love,

Happy D!



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