Are you sending out mixed vibrations? Learn how codependency kills manifestations.

learn how codependency kills manifestations due to mixed signals

And learn what you can do about it, O YEAH!

I used to teach a 5-week course on manifestation called Creation Mastermind. “It works!” were the most repeated words from the majority of my students. I still get calls about teaching it again.

YES. It DOES work. I may go back to teaching this course again… but if I did, it would ONLY be available for JBL practitioners who are doing the inner work of untangling “core knots.”  Here’s why. Classes like this attract a mix of people, but many of them are unconsciously attracted to use the manifestation technique as a “spiritual bypass”, to get what they want while avoiding the inner work. This – I discovered after teaching a few hundred people – will predictably backfire and kick you in the arse. Why is this?


If you are pointedly energizing and focusing on a positive outcome AND you simultaneously have a core energy pattern that states: I AM NOT ENOUGH, or I DON’T DESERVE THIS, or IT’S NOT SAFE FOR ME TO BE IN THE LIMELIGHT OR TO BE SEEN AS SOMEONE WHO CAN COMPETENTLY CARE FOR HERSELF/HIMSELF (CPTSD anyone? Co-narcissism anyone? Co-dependency anyone?), you are communicating 2 distinctly opposing messages to the Universe. The Universe hears you.

One of 2 things will happen:

  1. You won’t get what you want. It just won’t happen. You’ll manifest the coffee but not the big stuff, etc.
  2. ORRRRRR…. worse than that… you’ll manifest the outer thing that you wanted, but it will come with equal-sized ouchies:
    1. mixed energy (the house is great but the neighbors are meth dealers)
    2. a heavy duty price (you found the love of your life but he’s married)
    3. a really sick twist (you got the love of your life but you discover too late that he’s narcissistic)

That’s just what happens when you powerfully send out mixed signals. And in my experience, the twists will manifest with German-engineered precision to match your twisted vibrations. (I admire German manufacturing for their ability to produce the best pens, great cars and excellent machinery).

Better to put your “magic wand” for manifestation in the drawer for now and keep it there until you undo the inner tangles. How? Thankfully, there is hope and there is help for you!

If you were raised in an abusive family OR if you were in an abusive love relationship, your programming and/or your protective mechanisms due to abuse were installed by the other (to control you) or created by you (to keep you safe). In that context, when you’re fending for your life, SAFE = SMALL. SAFE = INVISIBLE. SAFE = POWERLESS. This is “shame-based” living.

This old, shame-based programming will override your present-day desire. Every time. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

What was once serving you is now holding you back. It’s not your fault. I am absolutely sure of that. What person would ever install such programming unless they were under extreme duress? But now – today – you can start unknotting and untwisting and reprogramming the inner workings of you – at the core.

You can heal. You can learn to feel. You can learn to protect yourself as a mature, healthy adult would. Not from your head. But bravely – by actively PRACTICING radical acceptance of the toxic shame you’re actively vibrating. THEN, and only then, you can transform it, transmute it, and transcend it.

THEN, you can pick up your magic wand again, and watch with delight as it works on your behalf. It’s simply delightful and awesome!

Here’s a path I’ve created to assist in untangling the knots and coming home to your inner power:

  1. GET MY E-BOOK. $27
  2. Once you’ve completed #1, jump through the magic portal! Join our closed community where you can share your journal responses from the E-book. Practice letting your authentic voice be heard and seen. Learn what it feels like to give and receive wholehearted support.  $97 (for now)
  3. Once you’ve completed #2, Join our Wholehearted Mastermind class. $300 (for now).

If you want individual coaching, I’m available (for now, for a limited number of people).

I believe in you. I want to see you win. If our JBL path isn’t the best fit for you, I encourage you to find – create – generate your own True Tribe who will cheer you on and support you on your journey.

If your wounds go deep, get professional help. You deserve it!!



Much love,

Happy D!

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