Navigating difficult conversations with friends

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One of the loneliest feelings in the world to me is trying to have a conversation with someone and your words have no landing place. I work really hard NOT to do that in close relationships where we are committed to connection, growth and development. BUT I’m really imperfect. And I’m strong. Sometimes that combo can be difficult for those who are close to me. I’m also flexible and willing to learn from my mistakes. Here’s how this particular conversation unfolded, and I’m sharing it with my friend’s encouragement – the title of this video was actually her idea. I am deeply grateful and take none of this for granted.

We at JBL are actively creating a world where joy is empowered and action is inspired. It’s a JOY to share some of the inner workings of what this actually looks like – with you! I hope this message makes a positive difference in your life. I would love to hear from you in the comments.

Scroll down to read my friend’s take on the day and my reply back to her.

Big love,

Happy D!

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My friend’s take on the day (which she posted in our JBL Authentic Connections community):

Today Debbie and I spent the day playing in Chattanooga. Playing brings me joy, but I also got joy when we had a difficult conversation and were able to navigate it with love, compassion, honor and rich friendship on the other side. This isn’t the first time we’ve had to have difficult conversations and it won’t be our last, I’m sure… Because we’re both growing. 

I think that’s one of the beautiful things about our tribe at JBL. We are learning to have difficult conversations without flight or fight responses. We are listening with our hearts. We own our mistakes and we forgive each other for those mistakes. It was a great day that was topped off by the local Episcopal church’s annual Fat Tuesday free community pancake dinner. We met up with a couple who had attended my talk at the library, and just had a lovely conversation in which both Debbie and I were able to share the joy of being in this community! Awesome day!! Thank you Debbie!

My response to her:

You’re bringing tears to my eyes … thank you for the whole beautiful day and for everything you just shared. It’s an honor to be your friend. I’m so grateful to JBL and to us for having a lifestyle where we practice the ideas (and not just think about them). I agree, this helped us engage a difficult conversation which brought me joy as well. We navigated the bumpy part with strength and clarity and got back to the joy of journeying forward together. To a happy pancake dinner. I wish this quality of honoring for every friendship, for every person. I feel grateful, lucky, loved and blessed. Thank you for sharing it with our community, you surprised me :-). Big hugs!!

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