Embodiment Meditation (reclaiming YOU after a mind-f### relationship) (CPTSD)

Embodiment Meditation 3-9-19 cover for blog

Embodiment Meditations can benefit anyone who wants to be more present

  • in their day
  • to start a meeting
  • to begin a conscious conversation

I’ve been starting coaching conversations with Embodiment Meditations in order to focus our energies to be more present and more aligned as we work toward – and co-author – a person’s future.

EM’s also assist people who are healing from trauma/ toxic shame /emotional abuse.

If you’ve been through a blender of coercion or ambient abuse from people when you were in their care (they had a significant level of power over you and/or they claimed to love you and care for you whilst they had that power), that’s called: mind-f###. The absolute worst part of this type of abuse is that it is most often invisible (covert) and if you were a child when it happened, it might have even been called “love”: serious mind-f###.

This, my friends, is TRAUMA. It’s the opposite of JOY. If it happens continually, it can easily cause people to dis-associate from their bodies, from their reality. Emotional flashbacks, “too much” daydreaming, an unreasonably harsh inner critical voice are included in the cluster of  CPTSD symptoms (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Response).

Digression: Disorder? Response? Which is it? CPTSD isn’t a fucking disorder, people. It’s an intelligent, strategic, healthy and normal brain RESPONSE to having one’s identity systematically targeted and attacked. I’d like to call it CPTSR. But in order to stay united in our language (especially with the other amazing people who are healing and those who are helping others heal), I’m going to stick with CPTSD for now. Sometimes I will write C-PTSD. Just depends how it flows out. 

HEALING CPTSD requires repetition of positive messages that reach deep into the core of your being. Strong, healthy compassion for oneself is necessary for lasting transformation. Being in your body is a necessary requirement for empowerment and for thriving.

Embodiment Meditations, which are a regular part of our JBL “workout routine”, help us find our way out of dissociation and back into our bodies. This helps us EMPOWER JOY as we reclaim our own reality and open new gateways of possibilities and options now that we are no longer in a psychological war zone or under siege.

If you’ve read this far, then I bet you’ll enjoy listening to this meditation.

Go ahead and bask in your own sense of presence. Let the REAL YOU come back to this world. We need you. We need your gifts, your kindness, your presence.

This Embodiment Meditation opened our Wholehearted Mastermind group meeting that we held on Zoom yesterday. The whole experience was quite powerful, so-much-so that I asked (and received) permission from the other participants to make it available publicly. One of our participants inspired its name: BRING IT ON! You can find the whole thing here:


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Thank you. Big love!

Happy D!

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