Advice for walking through Pete Walker’s Books – CPTSD and Tao of Fully Feeling

I just received messages from 2 wonderful people who reached out to me for support while spending time in Pete Walker’s books. (THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH ME SO I COULD SERVE YOU IN-THE-MOMENT!!!) I created this 2 minute video for them. I’m posting it publicly because I am absolutely sure some of you are feeling exactly the same.

A detailed description of the horse-blinder metaphor for CPTSD is available on this (free!) poster. Pete Walker’s 13 steps to managing emotional flashbacks can be found here (scroll down to the comment section).


  • Self care. Step back. Soothe yourself.
  • Take time to PAWS.
  • Remind yourself You are safe.
  • Remind yourself You are now in an adult body.
  • Practice staying as present as you can in your body (Embodiment Meditations (free for now) can be found here).
  • Thank yourself for turning toward yourself with love and compassion and courage and kindness.
  • Remind yourself why you are doing this: You are setting yourself free so you can thrive!
  • Forward momentum = JOY! Kindness and compassion = LOVE!

Good on you for having the courage to face the beast and let it finally release its uber-resistant stance. Its software is outdated. Its done its job. Now it’s just an outdated recording.

Thank you for your courage and for being with me on this wholehearted journey.

Much love,


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