Generosity is at the ❤️ of Joy

What do we do to generate this gorgeous generosity? The 12 Practices! Of course!

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Debbie Happy Cohen is a master coach with a graduate degree in counseling. She’s the founder of Joy-Based Living, an online global conversation where people develop the skills to create (internal and external) environments so that JOY can thrive in their lives.

Many people who are committed to having joy in their lives are people who have known its exact opposite. Therefore, we explore many aspects of joy, including its shadows. Awareness, acceptance and action are keys to opening the doors to greater joy; and courage is strengthened when people experience connection.

The Joy-Based Living E-book offers 12 foundational practices to help you get in touch with your feelings, make a deeper commitment to yourself, and step up into becoming who you really are. It’s a great supplement any holistic practice, including therapy and coaching.

2 thoughts on “Generosity is at the ❤️ of Joy

  1. Loved this vid-post, Debbie! Soul-felt stuff… Some of what you shared reminded me of that aphorism (often attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, but not actually from him): “Be the change you want to see in the world.”
    Joy-based living?
    It starts with me.

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