Joy-Based Living offers unique support for healing from narcissistic abuse

I’ve been thinking a lot about integrating Narcissistic Abuse with Joy-Based Living because it makes sense. In a weird but very true way.

It’s flippin’ scary. So I did it. Today.

You’ll now see a main menu item at the JBL website called “Narcissistic Abuse”.

Part of my brain is yelling WTF!!??!!

monkey are you crazy

Here is the link. I would love your feedback.

Happy D!

6 thoughts on “Joy-Based Living offers unique support for healing from narcissistic abuse

  1. Well, being a supporter of Joy-based Living, I would like to “weigh in” on this (since you’re inviting such), Debbie… Having the slim # of “buttons/topics to select from RIGHT at the top of your JBL page SEEMS to make “Narcissistic Abuse” ‘central’ to what JBL is about… which is somewhat askew from my feeling about JBL and its mission. While I believe JBL’s mission encompasses “healing” (of whatever dimension of a person’s life is in need of such), my sense is that focusing in on one malady at the top of the website home page unfortunately “paints the picture” to the new viewer/reader that THIS is what JBL is largely about… So-o-o, my suggestion would be to do what you can to re-position that “button” such that it’s not “front & center” on your home page AND/OR re-phrase the button itself (e.g., “Health & Well-being”) with a VARIETY of drop-down buttons the viewer/reader can choose from (based on some of your other past/archived blog-posts & videos, I imagine you can come up with some creative way to approach this suggestion). I hope this helps, Debbie! BEST WISHES, ALWAYS!!! 🙂

  2. P.S.: Perhaps re-phrase that “button” simply: “Archived Posts” and then have a drop-down menu that includes ALL of the topics you’ve written about – you can creatively ‘label’ groups of topics together, along with grouping ‘Healing Narcissistic Abuse’ as one of the drop-down topics, thereby allowing viewers/readers to choose from whatever they want to view/read WITHOUT putting overmuch focus on one topic, even if it has been one you’ve RECENTLY focused on. Does this make sense?

  3. Will, thank you so much for your heartfelt response. The truth is that I’m exhausted with trying to communicate circuitously, and indirectly. The truth is that the word “recent” IS at the heart of this issue. I’ve been studying this since 2009 and in depth for the last year.

    On Saturday, our Wholehearted Mastermind held a monthly meeting and the level of integrity of the experience was as brilliant as the most beautiful gem you have ever seen. What also “happened” to be true was that everyone there was a) familiarized with the JBL 12 Practices and b) healing from narcissistic abuse.

    I want this to be available to more of us, and that is going to mean being more direct and upfront on what the f we are doing here. What’s working. What’s amazing. The experience is just too beautiful for me to ignore.

    Also, I’m seeing a major increase in numbers of readers here and viewers at youtube, especially when I post about narcissistic abuse. Which tells me that people are hungry for the information.

    Last but not least… maybe, just maybe, this is my individuation process. Or maybe it’s outright unconscious sabotage. I don’t know. I just have to keep tuning in and following what I know. My ego is having a fit. But I feel integrity in my being.

    Again, thank you. For caring. For healing. And for engaging this difficult conversation with me. It’s helped me clarify my experience.

    Big hugs,

  4. You have helped me. So you have my vote of confidence. Am proud of you to bring this to the forefront. Trust me, I wanna know the truth!! Hugs

      1. A pleasure to know you and read you. Bottomline is what you cannot ignore…what needs to be spoken. If only we knew about abuse, I would have been able to see or feel some kinship with the world.
        The 3 people who helped you see how you had helped them….that’s you raising the bar on Joyful living.
        ….written from a third world country…you reached here!

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