The 7 Powers of Highly Effective Empaths

The 7 Powers of highly effective empaths belong to everyone, but they are more pronounced in empathic folks. When these Powers are under-developed, suffering ensues. But when they are honed through awareness, validation and regular use, all things become possible.JBL Treasure Map - 11-08-18

Here is an outline of the 7 Powers and their corresponding essential actions. I’ll also share the Joy-Based Living lingo and the related JBL services for each Power. Each Power corresponds with the islands on the JBL Treasure Map.

The islands on the JBL Treasure Map can be seen as places where Empaths can develop their Powers. By journeying through the islands, you can hone many of your core strengths, from enhanced self-awareness to empowered leadership development. For customized support, one-on-one coaching is available.

Power 1
The Power of Discernment
Actions: Find your center or your “goto” balance position / develop your inner strength / stop settling for less
JBL lingo: wounds vs healing fields, authenticity vs hiding, boundaries vs walls
JBL services: 12 Practices self-study / 12 Practices self-actualization group (available only after purchasing the self-study e-book)

Power 2
The Power of Noticing
Actions: Cleanse your emotions / strengthen your self-connection / boost your immune system with your mind
JBL lingo: resistance vs acceptance / want vs don’t want / you are the space that holds it all (you are not the dot) / embodiment meditation / self-connection / intuition / inspired action
JBL service: Wholehearted Mastermind course

Power 3
The Power of Positioning
Actions: Find your tribe, those who are waiting for you to take up more space, those who appreciate the full value of your authentic presence
JBL lingo: list your “do-rites” (milestones of progress) on a regular basis / with a clear mind, write a list of what you need to thrive / name your trajectory / commit to your trajectory / find a pro-active rhythm that engages your best self (calendar) / reach out for support regularly
JBL services: Coaching / Authentic Connections community

Power 4
The Power of Agency
Actions: Own your power / choose your experience / choose what you want to feel and grow those feelings / nullify learned-helplessness, resentment, and bitterness
JBL lingo: you’re in the game! / be bold / take bigger leaps / trust your KNOWING / expand your power / the courage to change the things you can
JBL services: Coaching / Authentic Connections community / Wholehearted Networking community

Power 5
The Power of Generosity
Actions: Live a life of meaning and well-being
JBL lingo: bask in sensations of fullness and embodied well-being / wisdom / full circle / pass the torch to others
JBL legacy: Mentorship / Leadership at its best

Powers 6 and 7 are muscles which are regularly strengthened as you develop the first 5 Powers.

Power 6
The Power of Consciousness
Your first attention is now on yourself. You consistently know what you feel, what you need and what you want. You are moored to your innermost being and simultaneously capable of soaring as high as you can imagine. You know how to ask for what you want and get it. You’re no longer compulsively striving, you enjoy arriving. You are less compulsive and more conscious in all areas of your life.

Power 7
Truth and Power are United
You’ve spent a lifetime seeking truth, seeing truth, and stating it. Now your truth is backed by your power and your power is infused with truth. You feel more at home inside yourself and in the world than ever before.

What you focus your attention on grows, and so . . .

I encourage you to to contemplate these 7 Powers. Stir them in your awareness and awaken them in your life. Embody them.

I believe in you.

You got this!

With love,

Happy D!



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