Master Coaching Tip

Master Coaching Tip

Some things don’t change.

After 20 years of coaching people of ALL walks of life (children and adults, men and women, CEO’s and employees, dancers and teachers, wealthy and poor, traumatized and thriving) . . . this one piece of advice is as pristine as the day my first coach gave it to me.

In this movie, How Will I Know, the characters said it so well that I wanted to share it with you. Tony Shalboub plays a psychologist. Reese Witherspoon is about to (maybe) begin her first session with him. She’s nervous and hasn’t even sat down yet. She stammers a lot then finally asks him if he can share the ONE, most important piece of wisdom he’s gained over his years as a therapist. He thinks about it for a minute.

He’s kind and encouraging in his response. And he nails it:

How do you know movie quote - Id say figure out what you want 1 of 2How do you know movie quote - Id say figure out what you want 2 of 2

Here’s the thing:

Your relationships will have a direct influence on your clarity and your power.

  • Toxic relationships will intentionally or unintentionally distract you.
  • Healthy relationships will enliven you, empower you and naturally invoke greater clarity in you.

Choose the latter. Praise the latter. And treat them to dinner!


Happy D!

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