Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God. – Madeleine L’Engle


I haven’t talked much about spirituality and God on this blog because I think the word “God” can really isolate and alienate people. Which is the opposite of connection, and therefore the opposite of JOY. There’s just too much baggage around “the word” God. Too many individuals and groups have used it to control, punish, torture and overpower others. I call bullshit.

The truth is that I don’t give a hoot-owl-holler what a person calls the invisible force of energy that connects us all. This gorgeous life-giving energy feels (to me) to be constantly expanding and evolving, seemingly through us. It’s made of love (another connection-word that’s gone awry).

Years ago, I taught a 5-week manifestation class at a Unity church. During the first class someone raised his hand and expressed offense at my using the word “Universe” rather than “God.”


In a flash of a moment, I felt my energy amplify and clarify; and my inner voice said, “NO!” I slammed my hand on the podium, eyeballed the whole group with intensity, and said something to the effect of, “I don’t care if we call it God or Frog. I don’t think God cares either. I am doing my best to be inclusive and if anyone has a problem with that, you don’t have to be here.”

No one left the room. I think everyone was surprised by my vehemence. Including me. It was a defining moment that I have never regretted. Writing about it now, I feel strengthened.

The next day, I drove to a friend’s house at 7am (also very unlike me) to go for a morning walk. My car was locked and the windows were up. And yet… when we got back from our walk, I stepped into my car, and guess who was sitting right on my dashboard in front of my speedometer? A Frog.

I couldn’t have received a better sign, serendipity or synchronicity. Call it what you will. From that day forward, I included a cute little frog on the upper right hand corner of all materials relating to that particular course. I call that freedom and joy. And my God replies, “Ribbit!”

I love God. My version of God is kind, loving, supportive, validating, and obviously playful. I thank God every day for my life and for the people in it and for the presence of so much love in my life.

Much love,

Happy D!

#empowerjoy #protectjoy #standforjoy

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